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We’re expanding!

We’re opening our second float centre in Angel and we’re hiring new Float Guides to join the team.

We could tell you about how amazing it is to work here, but we asked the team for some quotes instead:

“The kindest company I have worked for. I have been given endless support, and positive encouragement from day one, and the directors Ed and Chris genuinely care about the wellbeing and happiness of employees, as well as their growth both personally and professionally. I have found their commitment to changing lives for the better and in turn making the world a more beautiful, less stressed out place, beyond inspiring. I am proud to work for Floatworks, in an industry that helps so many people. It has given me so much, as well as a bunch of teammates that I love!”

“Floatworks has by far been the best job I have ever had, doesn’t feel like a job and more of a community I’m part of where we are all here to support each others growth. You really feel the love and support of the management here and as a team we come from a place of non-judgement and compassion for each other and we look to grow together as a team. We are passionate about floating and helping our customers. I feel even if I won the lottery I would still be working at Floatworks :)”

“Floatworks is a hub for human beings that choose to live a life oriented towards love, open-mindedness, integrity, co-operation, consciousness, evolution, authenticity and exploration.”

Head this way to find out more and apply to join the Floatworks team.