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Our i-sopod floatation tanks

Since Floatworks started in 1993, we’ve never stopped looking for new ways to improve our service. This includes designing and building our own innovative float pod, the i-sopod, which quickly became the most advanced and sought after pod in the world.

Designed by Floatworks’ original founder and Non-Executive Director, the i-sopod was the world’s first ever float pod. It’s still world-leading, and is the pod of choice for the UFC, the US Navy Seals, San Francisco Giants, and many others.

Of all of the pods in London (and possibly the world, though we’ve not been on tour to check them all) the i-sopod is:

  • The biggest - at 8ft 5 by 5ft 5, even the tallest customer can stretch out
  • The safest - it’s the only pod that doesn’t heat the water when you’re in it, OR emit electro-magnetic energy into the water
  • The only pod you’re in total control of - opening and closing the lid is manual, not mechanised - so there’s no fear being trapped!

The hygiene of the i-sopod is also unbeaten, as it uses the finest filter (100 times finer a human hair!) and UV light to sanitise all of the water between each customer.

Each pod is filled with half a tonne of the highest quality Epsom salt which allows you to float effortlessly.

Pod light control icon

There’s a light control inside the pod allowing you to choose the setting

Spray bottle icon

There’s a spray bottle inside the pod incase you get salt water in your eyes

Pod door icon

The lid of the pod is never locked and can be easily pushed open

Call button icon

There’s a call button inside the pod if you’d like some assistance

i-sopod design

The stylish, modern design helps create the perfect environment to transport you to a world of calm and serenity. Curious? You can explore one below.