Terms & Conditions

We require all customers to have credit in their account before they book a float.

If you wish to cancel or change a booking this must be done with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you do not provide 24 hours notice then you will lose your credit.

Our floats are valid for a year unless otherwise stated (for Memberships see below).

We do not offer refunds for floats that are no longer wanted.

Our Intro 3 x Float Package is not shareable. All other options are shareable.

“I authorise The Floatworks Limited to deduct my monthly dues from my debit or debit card.”
You will be charged automatically once per month on/ around the same calendar day. This is set up as an annual contract which renews automatically and charges will continue month-to-month until I choose to cancel or suspend my membership.
Memberships have a 3 month minimum term.
After 3 months, you can cancel this contract at any time with 10 days written cancellation notice (email contact@floatworks.com).
You can suspend your membership for up to 3 months at a time (email contact@floatworks.com in advance of your next payment date).
Additional floats can be purchased at membership rate per float. These cannot be purchased online (must be purchased in centre / by phone / by email).
Floats expire 60 days from accrual or at membership cancellation date.

Disabled Customer Policy
Customer Liability Waiver