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About Floatworks

Floatworks’ co-founders, Chris, Ed, Tim love floating. They know the positive impact floating can have on people’s lives. Their belief in the power of floating is the reason Floatworks exists, and why they want to bring the best floating experience to as many people as possible.


Floatworks was founded in 1993 by Tim Strudwick, the creator of world-leading i-sopod – the pods still used by Floatworks (but of course, the latest models!) When Tim closed his successful London Bridge site to focus on perfecting the i-sopod, good friends Chris Plowman and Ed Hawley had just fallen in love with floating.

Finding floating a powerful antidote to the strains of modern life, they joined forces to keep London floating, opening Floatworks Vauxhall in 2016. They opened their second centre in Angel in July 2019.

They dedicate their time to ensuring Floatworks delivers the perfect floating experience every time, and understanding floating and its benefits as deeply as possible.

Floatworks prides itself on its passionate and knowledgeable staff, known as ‘Float Guides’, on its peaceful and welcoming environment, and the communities that have developed around each centre.

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