Floatation Therapy at London's Premium Centres

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The benefits of floating

Floating is scientifically proven to increase our mental and physical wellbeing in as little as an hour. It can leave us feeling more happy and relaxed, with fewer aches and pains, and confident of a better night’s sleep. It can help us gain a better perspective on things, too. We hear day in, day out, from our customers that it’s transformed many aspects of their lives. That’s why we started Floatworks, and that’s why people keep coming back.

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The deep state of relaxation which floating brings about is profound, lasting long after your session.

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Sleep and Insomnia

Floating deactivates the systems which can keep us awake at night – giving us longer and more refreshing sleep.

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Meditation and mindfulness

Floating increases focus, making it easier to reach a meditative state both in the pod and elsewhere.

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Consciousness exploration

Floating can help us gain a different perspective, explore our minds, enhance creativity, and even lead to ‘Eureka’ moments.

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General wellbeing

Scientific trials show that floating improves people’s sense of wellbeing and overall happiness.

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Physical therapy and pain

Floating relieves back pain, helps the body heal from exercise and injury, and decreases the perception of pain.

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Stress and anxiety relief

Floating activates our resting and healing state and reduces anxiety and stress.

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Connection with self

In a disconnected and demanding world, people float to reconnect with themselves.

Floatworks Experience - The Walkthrough

Frequently asked questions

Why do people float? How do you float? What happens if I fall asleep? What do I need to bring with me?

If you’re new to floating, you can feed your curiosity in our FAQ section. If you have any other questions, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to have a chat.

Our Float Centres

We have two custom-designed float centres in London – minutes away from Angel and Vauxhall underground stations.

Floatworks Memberships

Becoming a member means you can float for less, and encourages you to sustain a regular practice to maximise the benefits of floating. You can even share your floats with family and friends – a great idea if you’re out of birthday present ideas or want to treat someone.

What our guests are saying

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“Fantastic! I am so glad to be back at Floatworks (my first visit since the start of the pandemic). The new location is amazing, the staff are so friendly - thank you for accommodating my requests! I’ll definitely be returning as soon as I can.”

- Susan Sparkes, Google Review (Angel)
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“Surreal experience, if you feel you will struggle to be in a pod with no sound or light for one hour don’t worry. It passes in a blink, and you get out as refreshed as from a deep sleep.”

- Dimitrie Sandu, Google Reviews (Angel)
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“Absolutely adore floatation. It’s so relaxing. Floatworks in Vauxhall is lovely, calming and relaxing. Staff are super friendly and helpful, post float the chill out room is perfect for a cup of tea and water before you have to face the world again.”

- Victoria Hoggard, Google Review (Vauxhall)
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“A little taste of heaven! Just had my second float with Floatworks and I’m a customer for life. My first float wasn’t successful. I suffer from both Mental & Physical health I wanted to try again and I’m so glad I did, the second time was so much better, I was completely relaxed and got the full benefit.”

- Lydia Donaldson, Google Review (Vauxhall)