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The benefits of floating

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The deep state of relaxation which floating brings about is profound, lasting long after your session.

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Sleep and insomnia

Floating deactivates the systems which can keep us awake at night – giving us longer and more refreshing sleep.

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Meditation and mindfulness

Floating increases focus, making it easier to reach a meditative state both in the pod and elsewhere.

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Consciousness exploration icon

Consciousness exploration

Floating can help us gain a different perspective, explore our minds, enhance creativity, and even lead to ‘Eureka’ moments.

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General wellbeing icon

General wellbeing

Scientific trials show that floating improves people’s sense of wellbeing and overall happiness.

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Physical therapy and pain icon

Physical therapy and pain

Floating relieves back pain, helps the body heal from exercise and injury, and decreases the perception of pain.

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Stress and anxiety relief icon

Stress and anxiety relief

Floating activates our resting and healing state and reduces anxiety and stress.

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Connection with self

In a disconnected and demanding world, people float to reconnect with themselves.

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