Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions about floating, our centers, booking a float or pricing options you can most likley find your answers below.

Most Popular Questions

What is Epsom salt? Is it good for my skin?
Are there any side-effects?
What happens if I fall asleep?
How is hygiene maintained?
Can I share my floats?
How often should I float?
What's the easiest way to book a float?
Do you have a referral scheme?
I'm claustrophobic. Can I float?
Do I float naked?
How do I redeem a gift card?
Do you have parking in Vauxhall?
How long do the benefits last for?
What does it mean to be a Floatworks Member?
Do you have parking in Angel?
Do you do student discount?
Do you do NHS discount?

About Floating

Do I need to bring anything for the float session?
What is the longest I can float for?
What is the best time of day to float?
Can I float overnight?
Do you offer sessions shorter than an hour?
Will the salt dry out or damage my hair?
How do you keep the temperature right?
How is floating different to sensory deprivation or isolation tanks?
Is there any real science to floating?
What can I expect for my first float?
Is the 3rd float the best?
How much salt do you use?
Can I buy a pod for my home?

Booking and Payments

How long are floats valid for?
What happens if my floats have expired?
What's your cancellation policy for bookings?
Why do you ask for my email and mobile to make a booking?
Can I use my Mindbody login from another company?
How are my card details secured?
How do I book a longer float?
I can't select my preferred time - Do you have a waitlist?
Why didn't I get a booking confirmation?
Can I get a physical gift card rather than an electronic one?
Do you do group bookings? How do I do this?
What happens if I didn't show up for my appointment?
Can I book a recurring appointment?
How can I book multiple sessions?
Can I choose my own room?


Do you have a corporate wellness package?
Can I freeze my membership?
As a member, is £50 or £80 per month direct debit all I pay?
How do I access Floatworks' partner offers?
What is the Members Rewards Programme?
Why has my membership payment not been taken yet?
How do I buy additional floats at my membership rate?
Can I share my membership?
How do I share my memberhsip rate with family or friends?
Is there a minimum commitment for a Floatworks Membership?
Can I use my membership at both locations?
Can I setup a Direct Debit for 2 or more floats per month?
Can I choose the start date for my membership?

About Floatworks

What kind of tanks do you have?
Can I buy one of the t-shirts your staff wear?
I have a press enquiry! Who should I contact?
Can I share some feedback with you?
I would love my company to partner with Floatworks - who should I speak to?
Where can I download the Floatworks app?

Health, Comfort & Safety

Should I let you know about my health condition?
Is there any risk of drowning?
I'm pregnant. Can I float?
Can I float if I'm menstruating?
I'm disabled. Can I float?
Is there a minimum age?
Can I float with eczema?
I have salt in my ears after my float - how can I prevent that?
Will I get dehydrated from floating?
I just shaved prior to floating. Can I float?
Can I take drugs and float?
Can I drink alcohol and float?
Can I float with low or high blood pressure?
What if I'm deemed unfit to float?
Can I float if I'm really big?
Are there any weight restrictions?
Can I float with a new tattoo?
Do you use chemicals in the pod?
Can I float if I have a cut or scrape?
Can I float with epilepsy?
Can I float if I have a sensitive vagina?

Preparing to Float

Do I need to prepare in any way?
When should I arrive and what if I'm late?
Should I eat before floating?
I have just dyed my hair. Can I float?
Can I drink coffee and float?
Do I have to take my contact lenses out?
Why do I need to shower at the beginning?
Should I remove my jewellery?
Should I take off my make up before floating?

In the Pod

Can I float with a friend?
What if I can't ‘switch off’ whilst floating?
What should I do in the pod? Will I get bored?
Can I wear a head cap to keep my hair dry?
What happens if I get salt in my eye?
Can I keep the lid open?
Can I keep the light on?
Can I listen to music throughout?
Can I listen to my own music?
Do you offer guided meditation in the pods?
Do I have to use earplugs?