All you need to know about 2-hour floats

We’re often asked about what it’s like to float for longer, and how to book double floats. Here’s the why and how of 2-hour floats!

For a lot of first-timers, the thought of being in a float pod for an hour can sound daunting! And yet it might only take two or three sessions before they ask us: ‘Can I float for longer?’

Yes, you can! You can book a 2-hour float.

Why book a longer float?

Most people simply love the benefits of floatation therapy, and doubling the time you float for, allows you to feel the maximum benefit.

More time for the brain to reboot

In a stimulus-free environment, the brain and body can heal in a way that it can’t in other environments. You’re also allowing your heart rate and cortisol levels to decrease for longer, which is excellent for your health. And you can certainly feel the effect of a 2-hour float when you get out of the pod - and long after!

More time to reflect and process

A floatation session can be a great time to reflect and process what’s going on for you, and, if you can, to observe the thoughts you are having in a detached way, to gain better insight and perspective. If you like to actively reflect or problem-solve, or let your mind unconsciously sort through your thoughts, having more time to do this means the mind tends to be calmer afterwards.

Time to ease into the session

It takes some people a while to unwind during their float. If that’s the case, we advise coming to the centre before your session to do some journaling, meditation, or sit quietly to still your mind as much as possible. However, it’s sometimes hard not to let life eat into that ‘spare’ time!

Instead, a 2-hour float can give you time to properly unwind in the pod, and still have plenty of time to experience the feeling of deep bliss or relaxation that can come when the mind has calmed down.

How to try your first 2-hour float?

Try a 2-hour float on your next recharge day

2-hour floats will both recharge you, and leave you deeply relaxed. We recommend trying your first double on your next day off so that you can fully experience the effects without rushing to another appointment. If your next day off isn’t in sight for a while, try booking the last slots of the day and it’s likely you’ll have one of the best sleeps you can remember!

A warning for first timers!

Ordinarily, people who come in for a float will feel both relaxed and energised for whatever they want to do next. But a 2-hour float can relax you so deeply that you might want to avoid booking one right before a big meeting! At least for your first 2-hour float, we advise allowing yourself another 30 minutes after your session to sit in the relaxation room or lounge area, and allow yourself to re-adjust!

How do I book?

Just book a session as usual, and then book the next session immediately after. At the moment, there’s no way to select a 2-hour float, but by booking two sessions, one after the other, we’ll know to reserve you a pod room for two hours.

Can I book a 3-hour float?

Unfortunately not, after 2 continuos hours of floating we would need to reset the pod and start our full filtration/hygiene process for the next customer.


Double Float

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