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Why I float: Chris Plowman

Chris has created a floating practice that allows him to stay present, integrate new inner understandings, and find a sense of calm. Co-founding the new Floatworks helps him float more regularly and share the practice he loves with others.

Because I run a float centre

Only kidding! Although they do say most successful entrepreneurs start their businesses to scratch their own itch and that was definitely true for me. Since we opened about two-and-a-half years ago, I’ve floated on average about twice a week. I have a desire to float more often, I would love to do it every day. Fortunately for us there have been many days where we’ve been completely booked up for weeks on end and I haven’t been able to find a free slot. It’s a nice problem to have.

Calming the mind

I was really struggling with some mental health issues before we opened the new Floatworks. In combination with meditation and yoga, I have been able to use floating to help find stillness.

I still experience the same problems that many newcomers to floating experience

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy. I can start my float with the best intentions and then realise half an hour in that all I have done is create an endless stream of thoughts.
With practice, however, I am managing to become a lot more aware. I feel much more adept at noticing the thoughts appearing and gently letting them drift away rather than getting lost. This is having a profound impact on my experience in the pod and outside the pod, helping me to achieve a state of being that is far calmer, with far greater clarity.

The last couple of years has been such a beautiful journey.

I have been lucky enough to have some incredibly profound experiences and meet some very beautiful people through Floatworks. I’ve asked a lot of questions of myself and of my experience in the world. Sometimes this journey is blissful, sometimes it’s very painful. Floating has been absolutely fundamental in helping me understand the lessons that I’ve been receiving and integrating them into my life. I’ll be forever thankful for floating as practice and everybody that is supporting Floatworks.

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