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Why Floatworks?

We believe that when delivered in the right way, floating can be a powerful experience for anyone. At Floatworks we have all of the tools at our disposal and we draw on over 25 years of experience in creating the perfect floating experience

Floatworks’ founders and team have floated thousands of times in different pods and centres. That’s how we know the difference between an average float and the perfect float - and the importance of getting it just right.

We are passionate about the power of floating. To ensure we provide the best possible floating experience, we prioritise four areas:

  1. Continual improvement of customer experience
  2. Creating a team built on love and excellence; we treat our employees like a family
  3. Deepening our floating expertise – working with leading scientists/ academics to explore new benefits and applications
  4. Never cutting corners – from using world-leading float pods, to providing a relaxation space after your session.

All of this leads to a unique and perfectly curated floating experience – find out what to expect before, during and after your session.

We believe that floating is the ultimate practice for connecting with the present moment.