Why Floating is the Ultimate Self-Care Tool

At Floatworks self-care is at the heart of our values, and we understand that in a busy, fast-paced world, people often neglect to prioritise themselves. This is why for this International Self-Care Day (24th July) we want to actively encourage our community to take time out to reconnect with themselves, and look after their mind and body.

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Here are a few reasons why you should add floatation therapy to your self-care routine.

It Provides the Deepest Relaxation

One of the top reasons why people float is simply to relax. Free from all distractions, you can leave all worries behind and focus on the present moment. In response to the stressors of everyday life our fight or flight response becomes overly activated. Floating, on the other hand, is shown to activate our rest and digest mode, which enables our mind and body to relax and heal. You’ll be so relaxed your sleep will improve too!

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Many people often struggle to cope with their negative thoughts and feelings, and as a result are regularly filled with stress and anxiety. Floating is shown to lower blood pressure as well as stress-related neuro-chemicals, inducing your mind and body into a state of calm. Furthermore, studies show that floating reduces activity in the amygdala, which is the part of the brain which becomes overactive when we’re stressed or anxious. We believe that taking control of your mind is the ultimate form of self-care.

It Relieves Physical Pain

The mind and body work in harmony with one another, which is why it’s important not to ignore any aches and pains that your body may be carrying. Floating can help to alleviate pain and relieve tension. Think of one of our pods as a giant bath tub, where you can fully stretch out and allow your body to completely let go. Due to the high concentrations of Epsom salts that allow you to float weightlessly, pressure is taken off of your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, allowing them to rest and heal. It also boosts blood flow to parts of our body that may be injured and in need of recovery.

It Encourages You to Connect With Yourself

In our technology driven, digital world, we can often feel more disconnected than ever - disconnected from others and ourselves. Floating in one of our sensory deprivation pods enables you to free yourself from distractions and reconnect with yourself. One of the greatest acts of self-care is simply being true to YOU. We can be so distracted by the pressures of society, and what other people expect of us that we neglect to tune into our authentic voice. What does your inner voice tell you? What do you want from your life? How do you really feel? Floating may just help you find the answers.

Take self-care to the next level by purchasing our Deluxe Gift Box for yourself or for a loved one. As well as a float session, each box contains a 1hr self-pampering routine for you to follow, alongside the fantastic products that you can use to pamper yourself with at home.


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