Tiago Santos: Floating Came Into My Life When I Was Looking For Answers

This week we went for a walk by the river with Tiago, our general manager, and chatted about floating and Floatworks.

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How does floating benefit you?

Floating came into my life at a time when I was looking for answers. My circumstances at the time weren’t the best and I was using mindfulness practices to remain sane, that is when I came across the world of Floating. Since then my practice has evolved and changed according to my needs but today floating helps keep me stable and balanced on an emotional and physical level. It is easy to forget how lucky I am to be able to float regularly, but every time I jump in the pod I remember how beneficial floating is to my life.

Describe your best ever float?

I’ve floated hundreds of times so it’s hard to pinpoint the best float ever because they all gave me what I needed at the time. I had a hallucinogenic experience in the pod once, and that really stands out! I got into a state of deep relaxation and then started to see coloured lights all around me and shadows moving in the tank, it got a bit spooky but I let go and fully gave in to the experience. That was an unforgettable float!

Use one word to describe Floatworks?

Incomparable :)

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