Some big news!

Our second float centre is coming in July 2019

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“With love and patience, nothing is impossible” - Daisaku Ikeda

In my last blog I said there was exciting news coming.

We re-launched in Vauxhall 3 years ago (April 9th, 2016) and it wasn’t too long before we were fully booked. We realised we needed more capacity but actually making that happen is no small task.

As were told by our friends in the industry, property in London is tough. Low supply and high rents, combined with our specific demands equalled a frustrating process. We had promising opportunities along the way but for one reason or another, it never happened.

As long as two years ago we had agreed terms on a new site in Holborn. Then we tested a pod in the property and could feel the rumbling of the tube underneath. Not optimum floating conditions!

But it all happens for a reason. Our new site in Angel is awesome, and we’ve learned the fine art of patience along the way. We’ve been working on lots of improvements behind the scenes that will make the Floatworks experience even more powerful.

We’re rewarding the patience of community by launching a remarkable giveaway - 100 free floats worth £5,000 for 1 lucky winner! All you need to do is click here, enter your email address and follow us on social channels for extra entries.

We’re also really excited to document our progress through video. We were on site this morning capturing footage and look forward to releasing it soon.

I really enjoyed this blog post by Bulletproof recently. They summarised the benefits of floating well with links to some of the best research.

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