Buddhism, meditation and… floating! How the three are intrinsically linked

There are so many valuable lessons to learn, and they very much relate to floating.

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As a nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach, Aikido trainer and business owner, Ondrej Matej knows a thing or two about healthy living.

The Czech-born, London-based entrepreneur has been helping hundreds of people reach their health and fitness goals for almost a decade now, through a combination of good nutrition, and physical and mental fitness. And the key to the last part? Relaxation!

“I try to get a holistic view of everything I do,” Ondrej explains. “You could have the best nutrition, the best kind of training in the world, but you need to find a way to relax and get yourself back in the middle, you know? And London, this big city, is trying to zap the life out of you all the time, and if you can’t find that middle ground within yourself, it can attract illness and addiction.

“I think relaxation is a big part of everyone’s life, or at least it should be. If it’s not going into nature, if you can’t go on holiday, floating is an absolutely fantastic way of relaxing.”

Ondrej has been floating with us since our early days in London Bridge, and he’s more than happy to explain how floating fits in with his Buddhist lifestyle, and how it can really benefit those taking their first steps down that path.

“Floating is almost like going on a Buddhist meditation retreat. It helps you go deeper into understanding yourself. You can be meditating like this for a couple of days, but if you go floating, it gives you the same feeling within an hour-or-so. It’s a shortcut.

“If you are a person that’s trying to understand how things work, and learn about Buddhist life, and what your mission is, then floating will certainly help. We’re living in a society where time is the most precious commodity for everyone, and someone might not have time to meditate. But they can pop in and float for one hour once every two weeks and keep the same mindset, the same level of calmness within yourself. It allows people to unwind.”

Recalling his first time in the tank, Ondrej went in like most of us do: fairly blind, but open-minded. And it didn’t take him long to feel the benefits.

“When I first floated, I didn’t know what to expect and it was certainly something new. I tried to meditate while I was floating, and I came out feeling reborn. It was a very deep experience and it was surprising how little I had to do for such massive results.”

From there, Ondrej has taken his own experiences, and fit them into the holistic approach he takes with clients.

“For all my clients, I try to help them in a maximum way. So obviously relaxation and dealing with stress is always a part of that. Within a very short space of time – even just one hour – you can reach some deep levels of consciousness that can take meditation masters years, or decades to build up. You can tap into it within one or two floating sessions.”

To find out more about Andrej’s work and how he could help you, take a look at his website. And you can book a float with us in Vauxhall to find out what all the fuss is about…