30 Years of Floatworks

Floatworks is turning 30 this month. To celebrate this milestone, we have asked some of our valued customers who have been floating with us for up to 25 years with Floatworks.

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Floating, also known as floatation therapy or sensory deprivation, is a practice of lying in a pod or tank filled with water and Epsom salt to create a sensation of weightlessness and sensory deprivation. The water is heated to skin temperature, which makes it almost impossible to distinguish where the body ends and the water begins. The practice has been around since the 1950s but has gained popularity in recent years for its many benefits.

Floatworks is turning 30 this month on Thursday 20th April. To celebrate this milestone, we have asked some of our valued customers who have been floating with us for up to 25 years with Floatworks.

Here are their experiences and why they continue to float:

1. “Floating aids my running and improves my sleep.” – Jane H

Jane has been floating for over 25 years since Floatworks first opened at London Bridge, to help manage her running and posture from office work. She was looking for ways to ease her muscles aches and injures from running marathons. “I had never done anything quite like floating. The darkness and tranquillity were very good, and I loved the experience and tried to get everyone I knew to have a go. It eased my aching muscles and I remember falling asleep, which I often do now very easily.” She says that floating helps straighten her out as the aches and pains sort of disappear when she floats. She always sleeps better after a float.

2. “Floating is the BEST treatment you can give yourself.” – Jac M

Jac started floated at Floatworks 23 years ago and has been a valued members since we first opened at London Bridge. “I am a big advocate for Floating, believing it to be ‘The BEST treatment you can give yourself’, and would tell everyone who commented on my bright light & calm presence. I became a pebble in a pond of stillness and learn everything I could regarding the power of water & benefits of floating. The knowledge to unravel is infinite and disclosed with every float.” She says that she has learnt most about herself in the float tank. Going deep by floating more than an hour has helped her release locked and rigid layers, and dispersing what external treatments couldn’t release.

3. “Floating helps me de-stress from my job.” – Andy H

Andy has been floating for over 15 years to help manage his stress level. He says each float session helps him decompress from stress and it is so much less expensive that a holiday or weekend away, for better results all around. “My first float was out of curiosity, but I had always fancied it. As soon as I’d been once, I was hooked! At each float, I start with my mind spinning with all the worries of the world, but within minutes my mind becomes clear. I don’t dream but go into something like I imagine a hypnotic-type state to be, usually by the end I have clear solutions to my day-to-day problems, life becomes clear and stress-free, and I’m ready to get out there and do anything!”

4. “Floating is my escape.” – Kristel O

Kristel first floated with Floatworks in 2003 as a way to escape from the stresses of daily life. “I was sceptical as to how effective floating would be, but after the very first session I was HOOKED! After my first ever float I felt the benefit for days after, I hadn’t realised just how much tension I was carrying day to day! It got to the point where a single float was just not enough, I would only book double sessions.”

5. “Floating has helped me during my pregnancy.” – Carol F

Carol also first floated with Floatworks in 2003 with a group of girlfriends as they were looking for something new to try indeated of heading to the pub. “I still remember the profound impact it had on me as I was pregnant with my first child and I absolutely loved the other worldliness of the whole experience, even down to choosing the music. My daughter loved it too and is now 19. Carol said floating definitely has a cumulative effect - her mind and body have learnt how to adapt and benefit instinctively and profoundly from sensory deprivation.

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