The incredible benefits of magnesium (FYI – our tanks are full of the stuff…)

28 March 2017, by The Floatworks
The incredible benefits of magnesium (FYI – our tanks are full of the stuff…)

When you hear the word ‘magnesium’, what immediately pops to mind? If you’re anything like us, your mind will cast itself back to GCSE chemistry class, and the demonstration every teacher gave to show that you could set fire to the strange, soft metal.

But it’s far, far more than just a bit of chemistry-based fun. Magnesium is an essential mineral for the body, and necessary for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body – from maintaining normal nerve and muscle function, to keeping your heartbeat steady and your bones strong. As far as your general wellbeing is concerned, it helps alleviate stress, improves sleep and even reduces pain. Sounds pretty essential to us!

Most of the magnesium in our diet comes from good old vegetables (even more reason to get those five a day!), but soy products, whole grains, milk and nuts all contain the stuff, too.

It’s estimated 80% of adults are suffering from a deficiency, and this could come from a variety of different reasons: poor absorption in the digestive tract and a lack of magnesium in the diet are both factors, but even in a fit and healthy human, the digestive system is often inefficient, and alongside the kidneys, the GI tract expels a lot of it as waste. But how bad can that really be? As it happens, a magnesium deficiency can cause any of the following symptoms:

– Rapid heartbeats / cardiovascular changes
– Apathy
– Confusion
– Fatigue
– Insomnia
– Irritability
– Muscle twitches
– Poor memory

… the list goes on.

So how can you get more magnesium inside that beautiful body of yours? Well you could increase your intake of all of the above foods, pop a magnesium supplement every day… or you could take it transdermally. Absorbing nutrients through the skin avoids the problem of your body expelling the excess, and is a direct route into the bloodstream, essentially bypassing the whole digestive system. And, with the popularity of magnesium sprays, lotions and gels on the rise, there is more than one way to do it. The most efficient way, though? Hop into a float tank!

With over 1,200 pounds of Epsom Salts (scientific name: magnesium sulphate!) in each float tank, you essentially surround every inch of your body with magnesium, which your blood vessels transfer to the blood stream and carry around your system. But that’s not all! The Epsom salts also help soften and replenish your skin, and while a magnesium deficiency can cause that huge range of problems above, there’s almost no way to overdose on it. It’s literally a win-win!

To see the effects of transdermally absorbing magnesium firsthand, why not book a float with us today?