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Why I float - Dominika Wrobel

Dominika came to Floatworks not knowing much about floating, though since starting her floating practice, she notices the effects its had on her learning, sense of responsibility, and overall states of peace.

Discovering Floatworks

It was only about three months before Floatworks opened that I heard about floating. I was offered the job here and I wasn’t really aware of it before I started. But I’m so glad I do now!

How does floating help me? Firstly, it really helps me with my education. I study law and it has a very real effect on my education. It’s not necessarily when I’m inside the tank, but afterwards and in the days after a float, I’m able to focus more and I’m more alert. My brain just seems to work differently. I’m more into it, I can do things faster and I have many more ideas.

I tell everybody about floating. I study English, and in class we do assignments, or presentations about any subject that we want – so this is what I chose! I brought my family here, I tell my friends, some of them have invited their parents along to try it, too. When I tell people I float, generally people are very interested, and after they ask me many, many questions, they’re just like, ‘Wow, I never knew this kind of thing existed!’

It affects my sleep, too. Before I started floating, I had really bad problems with sleeping – I’d take ages to fall asleep, and if I don’t float for a while, I still do. It makes me more peaceful. Much more peaceful.

How can something be so weird and amazing simultaneously?

The first time I floated – oh my god! – it was an experience out of this world. I felt weird, and amazing, at the same time, and I was just laughing. For the first ten minutes at least, I was just laughing. It was just such a strange feeling. It felt like you’re kind of flying. Afterwards, I couldn’t speak at all. I remember my manager was trying to talk to me and I was just looking at him. I was just somewhere else! If I’m stressed, then I will always float with the intention of solving problems within me, and it almost always helps. I do find I’ll get the answers I need, just because there’s nothing else around me – it’s just me and my thoughts.

How floating has changed me

Since I started floating, my mum and my grandma have noticed a change in me – those are the people that are closest to me. They’ve noticed I’m more peaceful and that I’m more responsible now, but it’s not just about floating, it’s about working here as well. It’s not like any other job where you just go in, do you thing, and go home; this is something that we all work on and we’re all proud of. I love it. We’ve got a dream team – we’re like a family!

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