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Why I float: Dom Berry

Dom complements his meditation practice with floating and shares his personal experience with its benefits for mind, body, spirit wellness.

Gaining Insight and exploring the abyss

I have always had a fascination with exploring the depths of consciousness, so trying a float tank was always on the list of things to try. My first experience was incredible, given that as soon as I finished floating, I also attended my first ever non duality retreat. The effects from the float allowed me to totally submersed with the non dual guided meditations, and very quickly I was leaving my body and finding states of wellbeing I had not thought possible. From doing this, I saw very quickly that the tank is an amazing way to complement a journey in exploring the none dual nature of our own consciousness. From then on, I have always tried to float whenever I could get the opportunity because it gives you such a unique experience of having the five senses shut down. You get a golden opportunity to inquire into not only the nature of your own mind but also into the nature of reality itself without the noise of your senses.

Feeling more alive

I find the morning after every float I just feel more alive; I feel more clearheaded and ready to take on the day. It feels as though my body has been full recharged. This could be due to the fact I sleep like a baby after every float.

Pain in the neck

Recently I had a bad experience with getting 24/7 tension headaches that just did not go away, and my doctors said it was due to pressure in my neck. I had this for about 6 weeks every day, and I tried floating to see if it helped. Literally after one float the headache went the next day, which made me decide to look into floating a lot more and also to spread the message of what the benefits of floating can do to a wider audience. This inspired me to work in a float centre to spread its positive benefits to others. Spreading the dharma.

The benefits I have noticed from Floating

Here its a list of the benefits I have received from floating.

  • Better sleep
  • Increased sense of wellbeing
  • Amazing recovery from fatigue
  • A tool to explore my sensory experience
  • Gain insight into my mind
  • Helps massively with my yoga and meditation practices
  • Reduced general anxiety
  • More focus and productivity

So if your thinking about giving floating a try I thoroughly recommend you try it.