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Who floats?

There is no such thing as a stereotypical float tank user. People who come to float at Floatworks range from 16 to 80 years old, and come for many different reasons.

Here we cover the top four reasons people come to float:

  • Stress relief & relaxation
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Consciousness exploration
  • Improved sleep

But floating is also popular with:

Business executives

Floating can increase productivity, creative problem-solving, and concentration. It also relieves stress, which is one of the leading causes for people taking sick leave in the UK.


Olympic athletes come to float with us, as floating relieves the skeleton and muscle of strain, and increases blood circulation.

Floating also allows the brain to enter the ‘theta state’, which is perfect for visualisation to improve performance. Some experiments have suggested that using visualisation for an hour in a float tank is better than 10 hours of field practice.

Pregnant women

Due to the neutral alignment of our skeleton in the float tank, pregnant women report welcome relief from the aches and pains they experience in late pregnancy. They have also reported sleeping more deeply and easily for several nights after floating.

People recovering from injury

Similar to athletes, people recovering from injury benefit from the weightlessness and realignment that the skeleton and muscles experience when floating, and the nervous-system reset. So much so that recovery time can be reduced with regular floating.

Everyone is welcome through our doors, and we’re always keen to hear what brings people to float, and what their experience has been – so do let us know how it benefits you!