Vauxhall Founder Membership

£20 per month for the first 2 months (50% off)
Usually £40 per month

Only 50 available – Active from 8th December

3 remaining

Step up your floating experience. Feel the impact on your life of regular floating, and gain access to our other exciting benefits.

Member benefits

One float per month included

Floating regularly allows you to delve deeper into your floating journey.

Additional floats at £40

All of your floats are at £40, a £15 discount on our normal price. This includes Gift Card purchases.

Get free floats!

Float four times in a calendar month and get a FREE FLOAT. Float eight times in a calendar month and get TWO FREE FLOATS.

Share with friends

You'll receive a discount code that you can share with friends so they can float for £40 too.

Use at any location

All floats are valid at Angel and Vauxhall, and any locations we set up in the future.

Free floatworks tee

You get one of our famed Floatworks tees, in whatever size and style you like.

20% off retail products

We sell kombucha, tees, Positivitea, Faith in Nature, Epsom salt and more.

Access amazing partner offers

We partner with amazing brands such as Psycle, Grounded, Boo Chi and more to bring you exclusive offers, only available to our Members.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my Membership?

The Vauxhall project is progressing well and we aim to complete on 8th December. Memberships will activate then but we do reserve the right to push this back a week or two if we encounter any delays.

Can I just get the discount and then cancel my Membership?

The minimum term is 6 months. Usually, we have a 3-month minimum commitment but we need to increase that to make this offer work and be able to offer a big discount.

How long will the offer be running?

Only until we have sold-out of the 50 available Memberships.

What does it mean to be a Floatworks member?

People with a Floatworks Membership float at least once a month, and often much more. Many get to know us and other members of the community well. Becoming a Floatworks Member also gives you access to discounted floats for friends and family, and access to great deals with lots of wellness brands in London.

How do I access Floatworks' partner offers?

When you become a member, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the necessary information. If you’re not sure whether you received it, or want to ask about an offer, contact

How long are membership floats valid for?

Member floats are valid for a year from the date the float is added to your account.