Angel Founder Membership Offer (save £40!)

We’re opening the UK’s biggest float centre in Angel and to celebrate we’re offering a ONE HUNDRED discounted Founder Memberships.

£40 per month

50% off month one and two
Membership active from 28th July*

One float per month
Purchase additional floats at £40
Share discounted floats with friends
Use at all locations (Vauxhall and Angel)
Free Floatworks t-shirt
Access Floatworks Partners offers
All floats valid for 1 year
6-month minimum commitment

Members Rewards Programme
Float 4 times in a month and get a FREE float
Float 8 times in a month and get UNLIMITED FLOATING for the rest of the month


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Membership at both sites, Vauxhall and Angel?
Yes you can.

When can I use my Membership?
The Angel project is progressing well and we aim to complete on 15th July. To give us some breathing space we will activate the Memberships on 22nd July. We do reserve the right to push this back a week or two if we encounter any delays.

Can I just get the discount and then cancel my Membership?
The minimum term is 6 months. Usually, we have a 3-month minimum commitment but we need to increase that to make this offer work and be able to offer a big discount.

*Contracts are due to begin on 28th July. We retain the option to change the start date if it becomes necessary due to a delay in our opening date.