What we're planning to do in 2020

We achieved a lot last year as we discussed in our year-end reflection.

Whilst January is the time for new years resolutions, for businesses like ours it’s the time to plan all the exciting projects we want to work on.

Here are some of the highlights:

Floating Content

This year we want to educate even more people on what floating is and how beneficial it can be. When I spoke at FutureSeed recently, around a quarter of the audience still hadn’t heard of floating, showing us the work we still have to do. For our experienced floaters, we aim to provide more advice on how to get the most of your floating practice. We’re currently running a survey that will help us determine what content we should create and where we should put it. Please fill it out if you have a few minutes.


In 2019 we transformed our Membership structure and the changes were very popular. We currently have over 450 Members, a four-fold increase on last year. We want to continue to give more value to our Members and we’ll shortly be asking them for their recommendations on how we can do that. 

Social Responsibility

We always try and do things ‘the right way’ where we can, including recycling at all of our centres and using 100% organic cotton for our t-shirts. This year we’ll carry out a full sustainability audit to see where else we can improve. We’ll also define wider social responsibility projects to give us some tangible goals to aim at. We’ll be looking for opportunities that align with our current values - for example, mental health.


We’re now at twenty-one amazing people and we’re intending to keep growing. Recruitment is underway for new Float Guides at both centres, as well as a Social Media Manager. And that is just the beginning.

The areas above only scratch the surface of what we hope to achieve this year. We’re committed to developing more and more spaces for people to float, and this growth will ultimately dictate all the things we need to do to support that. Stay tuned for further developments.

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