Waving goodbye to 2018

With a little tear and plenty of excitement…

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We’re almost a whole month in 2019 already (how time flies!). We’re just about still in January so I think we can get away with publishing a 2018 wrap-up!

In summary, 2018 was another fabulous year for us. We managed to put on more floats (13,506!) and meet more people than ever before. We operated at 94% occupancy across the year which we are incredibly proud of.

It does have its downsides. We recognise the challenge in booking appointments at times and inevitably it means people are not able to float as regularly as they would like.

We are so grateful for the patience and are working hard to solve this problem. In the meantime please get your bookings in early. We can always move them with 24 hours notice.

We’ve had the pleasure to hear about so many amazing stories and experiences. Thank you for using our space for your own personal journeys.

We continued to receive positive media coverage in publications including Vogue, Marie Claire, Daily Mail and Independent. Plus, we’ve already featured in Vice this year.

We recently lost our number one spot on TripAdvisor but we’ll be back soon! If you haven’t left us a review so far please do so, it would be greatly appreciated.

Internally, we have invested lots of time in evolving our People Strategy. We went through a major but required change in how we structure our roles and responsibilities within the team. We also launched our Mentorship programme, our intranet system and delivered a new training curriculum. The team responded in kind with amazing work and a great attitude that has been rewarded with a raft of promotions in our recent performance management meetings.

We have lots of exciting news on the horizon which I will touch on in my next blog.

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