Updates on our February campaign: DE-STRESS THE NHS

Latest update - Nomination is now closed and all successful nominees have been contacted via Instagram direct message.


Our February campaign DE-STRESS THE NHS has now ended and we are so pleased to announce that we have achieved 100% of our target! Floatworks pledged to match EVERY donation AND sale in February for the cause, and we have 1008 floats going to the front line NHS staff! This would not be possible without all your help and support so THANK YOU!

Copy of Destress the NHS

We have now distributed floats to the NHS

Our NHS Charity Donation Float is split between Large London Hospitals, Local NHS Clinics and Nominated NHS Workers.

  • 60% of the floats is equally split amongst St Georges, St Thomas, St Leonards, Charing Cross, St Marys and Royal London Hospital

  • 30% for NHS Clinics/Health Centres local to Vauxhall and Angel

  • 10% for nominated NHS staff
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The NHS frontline deserves something back

Our NHS staff, nurses, doctors and other key workers are on the front line to fight this pandemic in the UK. In most cases, they have no choice and are obliged to take care of us. We recognise this is a highly stressful position to be in, both working hours and responsibility, and we would like to give back in a way we truly believe they deserve. 


Our ambitious target was to donate 1000 floats to the NHS by the end of February. Everyone who supported our campaign did so by;

  • Donating any amount of floats from their member account
  • Purchasing a discounted NHS Charity Donation Float
  • Purchasing a standard float or float package

Floatworks matched your donation

For each float donated by you, Floatworks matched the same number of floats for the entire month of February. 

Our target was to match 500 donated floats and gift the NHS a total of 1000 floats.

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