Upcoming pricing changes

Prices will change on 1st June

In line with the launch of our 2nd float centre in Angel, we’re changing our pricing, so pick up our existing prices before it’s too late.

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1. Why are we changing the prices?

We’ve been very successful in terms of occupancy over the last three years at Vauxhall and your reviews and testimonials have been amazing. We’re so grateful, thank you.

However, we need to make enough money to keep the lights on and your pods warm so we can continue providing the service you love. We need to increase our pricing slightly because:

• We’re building a fantastic new centre in Angel and undertaking a full refurbishment of Vauxhall. Both centres will be absolutely amazing and we know you’re going to be as excited as us when you see them but they’re very expensive!

• Operating float centres in London costs a fortune and it’s getting more expensive all the time; rent reviews, business rates, wages, utilities, laundry – the list goes on and on.

• We’re proud we haven’t increased our prices for 3 years. Don’t worry though, as you will see we’ve kept increases to a minimum and streamlined our offerings to make them great value for money.

We value the loyalty of our community and want to reward those that float frequently, that’s why we’re:

  • Offering Members the opportunity to continue on their current terms
  • Applying smaller price increases to Memberships
  • Creating a new Members Rewards Programme to incentivise frequent floating
  • Continuing to offer a discounted multi-pack

2. What are we changing?

There will be three major changes to our pricing:

a) Out with deeply discounted introductory packs Unsurprisingly, everyone loves our Intro Packs but at £35 per float but we’ve encountered 2 major issues:

• By the time we’ve paid tax and other expenses, we just about break even on these floats.

• Too few people who use them turn into regular visitors.

Regular floats bring bigger benefits so we’re making it cheaper to visit us again by offering anyone who buys a Single Float the opportunity to upgrade to a Membership or 4 x Float Pack.

b) Slightly Increased Single Float & Multi-float pack prices Single Floats will go up by a fiver from £50 to £55.

Our current 5x Float Package at £185 is being replaced by a 4 x Float Pack at £180. The 4 x Float Pack is shareable so it’s a great option for coupels, friends and family who like to float together.

c) We are transforming our Memberships Members are very important to us so we’ve put a lot of thought into how to offer the best possible deals.

Our existing Membership tiers are a bit complicated offering different price points for various numbers of floats, all of which must be taken within 60 days.

Perhaps not surprisingly with our busy lives, many people are finding it hard to fit in all their floats. Others want to float more.

So, we’ve decided to make it simple by switching to a single tier costing £40-a-month. For this, you’ll enjoy 1 float per month and be able to purchase additional floats at the discounted rate. All floats will be valid for a whole year giving you plenty of time to use them without worrying about expirations.

Introducing our new Members Rewards Programme:

We’ve designed a Members Rewards Programme to reward frequent floating:

  • Float 4 times in a calendar month and get a FREE FLOAT
  • Float 8 times in a calendar month and get TWO FREE FLOATS

Your Membership covers you for both locations so you can choose whether to float in the newly refurbished Vauxhall centre or head over to Angel and try our brand new facility there. Finally, you’ll get a free Floatworks t-shirt plus other Floatworks Partner Offers our Members team are busy working on.

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3. When is this happening?

Our pricing will change on 1st June. Our old pricing is available up until then and we encourage everybody to take advantage of it.

4. What does it mean for my existing Membership?

We have committed to never increase prices for our existing Members and have emailed them individually. Those that wish to remain under their existing terms will not see any changes to their billing. If you are a Member and have not received an email, please contact chris@floatworks.com or speak to us in store.

5. Will there be opening offers for Angel?

Yes! We’ll be running offers for the launch.

There will be a limited number available and will be sent to our mailing list first.

The easiest way to ensure you are included, plus to give you the opportunity to win 100 floats(!) is to enter our competition.

Further Questions?

Please email chris@floatworks.com or call us and we will be happy to help.

If you haven’t entered our competition yet, head over here for the chance to win 100 floats!