The incredible Floatworks giveaway

Win 1000 floats!

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If you haven’t seen our 100 float giveaway yet, where have you been? You can check it out here.

We’re so excited about announcing our 2nd float centre that we want to do something really special. Hopefully, the opportunity £5,000 worth of ultimate relaxation and mindfulness excites you too!

Here we answer some frequently asked questions from our community:

Isn’t that a lot of floats?

It sure is!

Ok, why 100 floats?

100 floats is approximately twice per week for a year, in line with our current top tier Membership. If that’s a bit too frequent, you could float once per week and bring a friend.

So I can share them if I win?

You can share up to half. Imagine how popular you would be!

Which float centre can I redeem them at?

Any Floatworks centre – Vauxhall, Angel or any future centre we open.

What does Floatworks get out of this?

We’ll add you to our mailing list, and if you choose to like or follow us on social media that would be lovely. We request that if you win we can share your name so that everyone can see there is a legitimate winner, and it will be good publicity for us.

Will I be a Floatworks celebrity?

Pretty much, but when you’re here to float we’ll make sure you’re left in peace to enjoy the experience.

Will you spam me or sell my data?

Absolutely not.

How do I know this isn’t rigged?

The winner is drawn at random using the King Sumo tool. We have no involvement in the prize draw.

What if I’m already on your mailing list?

You still need to click the link and add your email to enter the competition.

Ok I’m in, where do I enter?

Good luck!