Social Distancing and Covid Measures

At Floatworks we take our stewardship of float safety and hygiene very seriously. We were one of the first of our kind to close in March and we are waiting longer than most to open so that we can test and perfect our processes. That being said we will continue to learn as we move through our reopening and the measures listed below are subject to change.

Float Pod and Room Measures

  • Pressure spray of the interior and exterior of our pods and showers with a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant solution before fully rinsing off after its effective contact time. H²O² is non-toxic and degrades into water and air.
  • All internal touch features of our pods and contact points within our float rooms fully wiped down using electrolysed water.
  • Electrolysed water produces hypochlorous acid which is as effective as bleach, but safe on skin, and leaves no chemical residue. It’s actually also produced inside the human body as a natural disinfectant, kills 99.995% of bacteria within seconds, and it can be safely used to treat open wounds then also degrades to water.
  • Thorough deep clean of our pods, float room and centre every night (deeper than previously).

These procedures have been aggregated from industry best practice including guidance from our manufacturers, from the Float Tank Association and other global float therapy providers.

This in addition to our already state of the art multi-stage filtration and disinfection system, used in all of our pods, combining:

  • 2-stage filtration to the size of 1 micron (approx 1/100th of a human hair).
  • UV light disinfection which is the most effective sanitising method to destroy micro-organisms in pools and kills coronaviruses.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, considered one of the safest disinfectants for human health and the environment and has a powerful combination factor when used with UV light disinfection.
  • Not to mention our pod water solution contains 575KG of salt, a natural disinfectant believed to be hostile to coronaviruses too!

Float Centre Measures

We aim to keep the centres a relaxing and welcoming place as always, with a few adjustments, to align with Government, NHS and UK Spa Association guidelines. Everyone’s safety is our top priority. So with that in mind, some of the changes you will notice are:

  • Hand sanitiser and tissue stations around the centre
  • Social distancing measures including: number and time limits in the Hair and Mirrors Room and Relaxation Room
  • Requesting community members wear face masks/coverings in all communal areas (staff will be wearing masks also)
  • Single use cups for water
  • Removing single use tea bags (you may purchase your own box at 20% off)
  • Temporary removal of Floatworks Library
  • Extra cleaning/disinfection of common areas, before and after use
  • A new float structure to allow for new cleaning processes for pod rooms
  • Slots prioritised for vulnerable community members (please email us to request, /

Float Schedule

In order to comply with social distancing guidelines of two metres (one metre where this is not possible), we are staggering floats, opening only four of six pods in Angel and operating shorter days. We will continue to assess the situation and hope to broaden our capacity over the coming months.

August schedule

Note that all measures are subject to change. We are carrying out extensive testing on the week commencing 25 July so that we can find the optimal solutions. We also value your feedback so when you come and float please let us know if there is anything you think we can improve.