Science Sunday - benefits of floating

We are introducing a new blog to provide you with interesting and bite-size statistics on the science behind Floating. We will update this regularly so stay tuned for the latest information on all things related to the benefits of floating.

Burns Cal

An hour float session burns over 200 kcals

Yes it is true, a session at Floatworks burns over 200kcals in the hour!

Studies show bathing in a constant temperature above 35 degrees increases muscle cell activity.

Our Pods form a constant temparature bubble, where the air temperature and the water temperature are the same, ecentuating the feeling of floating and keeping you at a toasty 35 degrees - Some guests like it even warmer, if you would like to try it.

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Floating helps to signifincantly lower blood lactate levels post workout

Whilst working out, a metabolic byproduct can be Lactic Acid, which increases Lactate in the blood. Too much Lactate in the blood increases hydrogen ions, which affects muscle contraction, giving you the feeling of ‘heavy or jelly legs’.

Floating helps to increase lymphatic drainage, by reducing the internal stress on your circulatory system affected by gravity. This in turn helps you to recover faster, train harder and increase performance.

A number of high profile sporting champions use floating as part of their training regime, such as Tom Brady, 7 time Super Bowl winner, who has been floating to aid recovery and performance for some time now. Hear what he has to say about recovery in this video from our friends across the pond at Float House.

Stress brain

Floating helps reduce the total number of signals (stressors) to the brain

Disconnecting your nervous system from stimulus, has profound affect on how wer heal, both mentally and physically.

This ‘disconnection’ allows the autonomous activities, such as biometabolic waste removal, muscle repair, memory creation and immunity, to thrive.

Our nervous system optimises with a reduction of traffic to/from the brain, then our body benefits from the calmer state of mind.

Mens health

Improve awareness of poor health

Being highly stressed can reduce your bodies ability to recognise poor health, and lead to underlining health conditions.

Floating once every 14 days, has shown to increase the bodies awareness of poor health. And the likely-hood of taking intervention actions to improve health.

Particularly in Men, who have a more ‘macho’ attitude to their health and tend to shun signs of poor health as ‘something that will pass’, were shown to be more aware. And recognised early screening of health risks from ill feeling, can prevent disease later in life.


Floating is approved as a clinical antidepressant therapy

The first full Clinal Floation study was conducted in 2018, showed that 50 out of 50 participants had reduced levels of anxiety after they floated, and further peer reviewed studies have concluded the same outcome.

This led to the conclusion that Floatation can be used in Clinical referral for antidepressant benefits.

It is linked to the reduction in hormones, that are released when we are in a state of anxiety.

This peaceful state of mind and body, then in turn, increases levels of dopamin, your happy hormone.

Learn more about the benefits of floating

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