Our 2019 Reflection

Dear Floatworks Community,

2019 has been a truly transformational year for Floatworks. We completely changed our image, more than doubled the size of our team and became the largest floatation therapy provider in Europe. Here are our highlights:

2019 stats

20,445 Floats

6,948 Amazing Floaters

Our new brand

Nearly two years in the making, we launched our new brand on 27th July. A huge thank you to our brand designer Josh Millgate for all his hard work, and for bringing together so many different opinions and insights in a way that reflects the floating experience magnificently.

View our logo breakdown video.

We’re working hard to bring you more interesting and educational floating content - thank you to Claudia, Alicia, Sam, Ben and Playhouse Pictures for their immense contributions this year, much more to come.

Check out our new YouTube channel.

Floatworks Angel launch

On the same day as our brand launch, we opened the doors to Floatworks Angel with our first open house day. It was amazing to see and feel so much support from the local community, support which has continued even now we’re six months in (time flies!). With six brand new i-sopod floatation tanks, we’re now the largest floatation therapy provider in Europe (massive thank you to Tim and the i-sopod team for their fantastic support).

Read our first 100 days of Angel blog.

Floatworks Vauxhall refurbishment

In early December we completed a two-month refurbishment of Floatworks Vauxhall. As well as making sure the decor aligns with the new brand, we listened to feedback from our community and invested heavily in new air conditioning, soundproofing and space design to optimise the pre, during and post-float experience.

See pictures of the newly refurbished centre.

Thank you for DEF London, Ashton Architecture, Eze Interiors and Michael for their incredible work on the Angel and Vauxhall centres.

Expanding and evolving our amazing team

Whilst we were sad to lose Kathy at the beginning of the year, we’re so proud to see Tiago (Vauxhall) and Kim (Angel) step up and lead their respective teams. We hired nine new Float Guides for the launch of Angel and have since hired our first non-float centre member of the team (our new Marketing Manager, Phyllis). We now have TWENTY-ONE people, and we’re looking for more!

Apply to work at Floatworks.

(Shout out’s to the team: Tiago, Callum, Rich, Victor, Dominika, Harite, Elle, Jess, Kim, Murph, Jay, Ben, Lauren, William, Ola, Dominic, Ale, Yamina, Phyllis).

We continued to invest in our People Strategy, launching our first ever Happiness Survey, beginning a Mentorship Programme for full-timers, expanding our benefits package, and attending four hilarious team socials!

Transforming our Members offering

In May we decided to move from a tiered pricing structure (one, two, four, eight floats per month), to the single-tiered structure that we use today. We also expanded the benefits of being a Member, most notably our Rewards Programme and free t-shirts. We’re over-the-moon to have over 450 Floatworks Members, compared to 75 only a year ago. Thank you for your support!

Other partners we need to thank: CNS Media, Positivitea, Super Laundry, Paula, Hiller Hopkins, Adam & Remers.

As with every year, this one has presented it’s fair share of challenges. But the way the team has responded to them, with understanding and positivity, continues to inspire us.

Wishing you and your families a happy new year! Chris and Ed

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