Invitation to participate in scientific research

Here’s an opportunity to aid floating research…

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At Floatworks, we often use scientific research to explain the value that floating brings, and we speak of the impact floating has on three main areas - the brain, body and being.

‘Being’ refers to our internal state of consciousness, and it is an area where the impact of floating has profound effects, producing feelings of serenity and clarity.

We are really excited to partner with the University of Greenwich and Dr David Luke, using psychometric testing and the scientific method to explore the impact of floating on consciousness.

If you would like to participate, then please review the invitation from the University of Greenwich below. The first 30 applicants will receive a 15% discount voucher to use at Floatworks!

Click here to participate

In collaboration with Floatworks, researchers at the University of Greenwich are looking for volunteers to take part in pioneering research into alterations of consciousness that occur during floatation, exploring how these experiences relate to personality characteristics and how floating may enhance mindfulness.

We are looking for participants who have already had at least one float session (which can be booked with the discount) and we will ask you to complete two short online surveys, one any time before and one shortly after a float session. Both surveys will take between 20-30 minutes each.

This research is being conducted by Dr David Luke and Viktor Hadzhiyski, Department of Psychology, and has received full ethical approval from the University of Greenwich. Participant data is kept confidential and anonymous.