Floatworks Members Survey 2020 - the results

Thank you to all of our Members that provided such valuable insight during this process.

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We take feedback from our community seriously. None more so than our Members who are the core of our community and (hopefully) biggest evangelists.

We’re already working hard on putting the responses into action in the following areas:

  • Member communications - it’s clear that our biggest area for improvement is actually making Members aware of what they get with their Membership, over and above the floating. We’re working on a new booklet and webpage to be made available to all Members.
  • Exclusive offers - you told us that you love exclusive offers and giveaways. We always give away a gift card in Winter, and we’ve now got something exciting planned for Summer.
  • Partnerships - you told us that you want to see more partner offers and discounts. We’re adding to what we already have with some exciting new partnerships and will announce them shortly.
  • Newsletter - we’re planning a monthly newsletter with a special Members section.

Not specifically related to Memberships, we’re also working on these areas which were raised in the survey:

  • Floating guidance - we’re planning new content on how to get the most from your floats.
  • Community - we’re kicking off a new project to find new and better ways to engage with the community, both online and in-person.
  • Audio - we’re currently assessing different options for providing audio variety in the pods.
  • Centre improvements - we’re continually making upgrades and are using the suggestions raised in the survey.

We always love to hear from you. If you would like to discuss any of this or have further suggestions please email me, members@floatworks.com.

Tiago Santos, Members Manager

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