Floatworks & Exercise - The perfect whole-body holistic approach to health

Why adding a Floatworks session to your monthly health routine creates the perfect mind and body balance

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‘I don’t need Floatworks as I exercise already’ – Is a common statement we hear often but couldn’t be further from the reality of what our body truly needs for optimal health.
Allow us to explain why both complement each other…

High and Low Stress Resilience

On the surface, it might seem like being active and floating are disciplines poles apart: one requires moving, an increase in heart rate, and effort; the other asks you to keep still, focus on slowing your heart rate and requires the minimum of effort. And this is true… but look at it this way: Both improve your body’s resilience high stresses and low stresses. Which is exactly what optimal health looks like. For example; being able to go for a run without discomfort (high stress resilience), and being able to sit in silence with only yourself for company (low stress resilience)

One can complement the other

Being active, and training in the cardiovascular exercise sense, can improve your resting heart rate (beats per minute at rest). The lower your resting heart rate, the easier it is for you to recover from bouts of high stress which increase the amount of neural traffic to the brain.

And vice versa, completing a Floatworks session, decreases the amount of neural traffic to the brain, decreases your state of stress, and improves your body’s ability to recover faster. Floating and exercising together has shown to decrease the drop out rate of an exercise programme.

Muscular recovery is the greatest benefit of a session at Floatworks

This may seem surprising, but in fact your muscles gain the most from a Floatworks session.

The lowering effect of gravity, the compression of the buoyancy of the high saline water, the horizontal position, and the warm temperature all help to decrease tension in the muscles of the whole body. In particular the muscles that keep us upright (mostly those at the back of us). While Floating, muscle fibres relax, our lymphatic system removes waste products more efficiently, blood pressure decreases, neural signals for activity decrease, and neural signals for recovery increase.

It is not uncommon for customers to compare the feeling of a sessions at Floatworks to a massage.

They both offer emotional health benefits…

It’s well documented by now that all forms of exercise can help lift your mood, combat depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, and it’s the serotonin – the happiness hormone – produced by your brain during the exercise we have to thank for that. And yep, you’ve guessed it, the Epsom salts in a floatation tank produces the very same neurotransmitter!

Both floating and exercise make you feel better, every time

No matter what’s going on in life, most people tend to feel an awful lot better after exercise, which is often the prime motivation for going (even if you don’t always feel like it at the time). It brings balance and calm to the mind and body, and it’s the same with a Floatworks session – which helps centre your thoughts, and invariably tackle life’s obstacles and stresses in that wonderfully composed manner we all strive for.


Of course the benefits of both regular Floatworks sessions and exercising aren’t limited to just what we’ve skimmed over here. Take a peek at our information pages for more on what floating can do for you.


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