Five reasons a Floatworks gift is the best in the universe

It’s official. Floatworks is the best gift in the universe.

Looking for inspiration for Christmas gifts? A Floatworks gift card is original, health-boosting, and will give the lucky person something exciting to do during any future lockdown! (That’s right, we’ll still be open!) 

Here are the five reasons a Floatworks gift is the best in the universe:

1. Because 2020

Even for the most positive of us, this year has been hard. Floating is scientifically proven to reduce stress and combat anxiety, and most of us could benefit from a bit of that right now.

Floatation therapy offers our mind and body a unique environment. The experience is weightless, formless, sightless, and soundless. The result is that your only sensory input comes from within: the heart, the breath, and your thoughts. This unlocks the deepest level of relaxation in a way that can’t be replicated anywhere else. And this is what leads to the immense feelings of wellbeing when you leave Floatworks - often described as the post-float glow.

2. Because we are Covid-safe and won’t be closing during future lockdowns

We all hope Covid is a thing of the past. But, if it does hang around a while longer - Floatworks is socially distanced, ultra hygienic, safe to practice and a classified ‘medical and health’ service. Which means we can stay open during future lockdowns.

3. Because wellbeing is the most important thing there is

Christmas is often a time when we spend money on chocolates, alcohol, toys, trinkets and eating too much. All good fun.

But by giving a Floatworks experience to a loved one, you’re treating them to a dose of deep wellbeing, peace and clarity and better health, sleep, and immunity. There is nothing more valuable than that. And they probably have enough of the other stuff already!

4. Because Floatworks is the original self isolation

Floatworks was founded in 1993 by Tim Strudwick, designer of the world’s best float tank - the i-sopod. We are proud to be London’s original floatation provider, with decades of experience and expertise that allow us to deliver the experience just the way it should be.

Tim produces the i-sopod here in the UK, and demand continues to grow for the original ‘pod shaped’ float tank. The i-sopod is shipped to float centres all over the world every month, including to elite sports teams in the US. Tim is as passionate about floating today as he was in the early 1990’s when he first discovered it. He is a frequent visitor to both of our centres in Vauxhall and Angel.

5. Because there are so many more reasons

Floating has so many benefits - from solving insomnia to aiding arthritis. Floating has been used in the military to treat PTSD and in elite sports to enhance performance. Some use it to explore their inner universe, others simply to relax their body and mind.

There are too many benefits to cover here, but spend some time looking around our website and you can find a full overview of the wonderful effects of floating. Or come and visit us and speak to one of our amazing Float Guides!

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