Five celebs who know a float pod when they see one

Famous athletes, creatives, and thinkers use floating to help in the ways we know it does!

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There are a hundred and one reasons why people float; some artists hop in the tank to kick-start their creative juices, while athletes use it to recover from injury, or visualise that record-breaking race. Here are just a few famous faces at the top of their game who claim regular tank time has helped them along the way.

Wayne Rooney

England’s all-time record goal scorer actually owns a floatation tank; his wife Coleen had one installed at their £1million Cheshire mansion following a string of injuries in his early career.

Rooney is said to spend up to 10 hours a week in the tank, and credits his unprecedented early return to the pitch following an ankle injury in 2008 to floating. If it’s good enough for Wayne…

Jeff Bridges

The veteran actor was actually friends with float tank inventor John C. Lilly, in the ‘70s, and spent time with the physician as part of his research into the nature of consciousness.

In a 2010 interview with The Scotsman, Bridges said: “The whole idea of the isolation tank is to see what happens to consciousness when you take away or eliminate the input into your senses, so you’re in a box floating in salt water – with 1,000lbs of salt, so you’re very buoyant. You can’t see anything, your ears are underwater, and you can’t hear anything. And what does the mind do? It’s so active, and it’s constantly projecting, like a movie screen.”

Susie Rodgers

Paralympics swimming champion Susie Rodgers is a regular face here at Floatworks in Vauxhall, and is just one of a growing legion of elite athletes harnessing the benefits of the pod.

The idea of visualisation to achieve marginal gains at the very top levels of sport – essentially picturing yourself achieving an unachievable goal over and over – is becoming more prominent, and the floatation tank provides the perfect environment for the practice.

Susie took home gold in the 50m Butterfly at Rio 2016. Just saying…

Joe Rogan

The US comedian / podcaster is almost single-handedly responsible for popularising floating on the other side of the pond since the early noughties. He uses floating as a creative tool; once he’s written a script or a plan for a project, he hops in the pod and completely reassesses his work so far.

Rogan also happens to have recorded a fantastic description of what floating is, does, and can be for anyone looking to dive in. “Everybody should do the tank,” he says. “You will learn more about yourself than any other way.” Watch it in full below.

John Lennon

Okay sure, the legendary ex-Beatle sadly hasn’t been with us for over three decades, but in terms of groundbreaking advocators of floating, it doesn’t get more epic than John Lennon!

While some people experience profound hallucinations from floating regularly, the Beatle actually used floating to overcome his addiction to heroin, according to a recent biography.

In The Lives Of John Lennon, Albert Goldman writes: “Lennon kicked the debilitating habit in 1979 with self-discipline and a cedar wood box filled with a warm saline solution in which he would float for up to half an hour in the dark.”

The following year, he and wife Yoko Ono released their album Double Fantasy, which hints his love of floating may also have sparked a fire under Lennon’s wildly creative side, too.

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