First 100 days of Floatworks Angel

Kim Carter, Angel’s Centre Manager, reflects on the first 100 days of Floatworks Angel

Today, it’s 100 days since we opened the doors of our second London floatation centre, in Angel, 30 seconds from Islington Green. It’s been even better than we expected, and we have our amazing team and growing local community of float enthusiasts to thank! Here’s what we’ve learned:

People are really curious about floating

Most days, passers by will come in to ask, “So…what are you?” We love explaining it to people, and for those who decide to give it a try, seeing them glow after their first float!

So many kinds of people float, for so many different reasons We have visitors across all ages and interests: yogis, businesspeople, pensioners, students, creatives, and couples on dates looking for something different to do. On staff, we’re pretty happy that we can’t easily answer the question “Who floats?” because, really, it’s for everyone.

A float at Floatworks is more than just a float

We’ve been thrilled to get such positive feedback from our customers, especially about our staff. We work to guide new and seasoned floaters with compassion and create a meaningful experience for everyone who comes. With each Float Guide keeping their energy high with meditation, yoga, and healing - and plenty of floating, of course - we’re always so happy when we hear our good vibes and intentions are making the Floatworks experience better.

People love funky wall art

We’ve had so many compliments on the amazing artwork on the walls of our Hair and Mirrors and Relaxation rooms. We love them, but had no idea how popular they would be! (check out the images of the Angel centre here).

There’s a hub of wellbeing spots around us

Loads of people float after classes at More Yoga or Nuffield Health next door, post-shopping at Planet Organic, or heading from the Massage Lab around the corner. With all of the synergies around the Green, many staff and customers are becoming part of a local community. Big shoutout to all the new friends of Floatworks Angel!

The Floatworks Angel team are pretty good at roller-skating

Our staff social last month took us roller-discoing, and with a few professional dancers and lots of enthusiasm on the team, it was a pretty impressive sight!