50% Off Vauxhall Founder Memberships available now!

Founder Members enjoy 50% discount for the first 2 months, 50 places only.

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Our new float centre in Vauxhall opens on 7th Dec and we’re offering you the chance to be among the first to float for half price as one of our 50 Founder Members.

There are loads of benefits to a Floatworks Membership which you can see on our offer page.

We’ll only ever offer 50 Founder Memberships and there’s only 12 left so join now to avoid missing out.

Memberships can be used at both locations (Vauxhall and Angel)!

If you have any questions, send Phyllis an email (phyllis@floatworks.com).

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my Membership?

We will activate the Memberships on 8nd Dec. And you can book your float from now here.

Can I just get the discount and then cancel my Membership?

The minimum term is 6 months. Usually, we have a 3-month minimum commitment but we need to increase that to make this offer work and be able to offer a big discount.

How long will the offer be running?

Only until we have sold-out of the 50 available Memberships.

How long are the floats valid for?