happy customers

Here is a snapshot of what our customers are saying. The float buzz is real and it’s spreading!

If you have had an experience at The Floatworks, good or bad, drop us an email or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know what you think. We’re always looking for ways to improve. We want to know what you love and what could be better about The Floatworks.

“My first experience floating and I loved it! I had crazy relaxed feelings of rising and falling during my float. The staff here are also bright, cheerful and enthusiastic!”

“Incredible experience, once the chattering in my mind ceased it was like floating in some magical universe. Maybe this is what heaven feels like…..I’ll be back.”

“Second float and definitely very good. Time flew by & I didn’t want to get out. I can say 100% that this has definitely alleviated my back pain.”

“My first float-incredible experience! I feel amazing. I will be back.”

“My first float and the best birthday gift that I have received. Thank you.”

“Loved it, skin feels great, back is in less pain. Will definitely be coming back.”

“Much better experience than I ever imagined possible. I feel absolutely relaxed and stress free.”

“A truly relaxing experience-went in unsure and came out convinced-it’s fab! Thanks a lot.”

“My first time-a very good experience, chilled & relaxed. Thank you to the nice staff.”


“I feel fantastic!! Never fails ❤”

“A competition winner!! Brilliant! Def do it again!”
Jane & Hannah

“First time floater and I thought it was amazing. I feel refreshed and free from the stresses of work.”
M Gill

“First time floater, won’t be the last!”
B Ward

“That was amazing!!!”

“Fell asleep twice! I felt like an angel floating on a fluffy cloud! BEAUTIFUL.”

“It’s a fantastic experience and really helped me relax my body. I will definitely come again & also recommend to my friends.”

“Wow, totally relaxation-see my brain doesn’t work now!”

“Absolutely fantastic! So relaxing. I didn’t want to get out! Thank you!”

“An amazing experience, will be back again.”
Carol and Emma