Floatworks Experience

At The Floatworks we recognise the potential for a life changing experience through floatation therapy. The Floatworks has been the leading pioneer of floatation therapy for over two decades, and we have perfected the experience of floatation therapy from start to finish.
  • Grab some ice-cold water first. There are filtered water taps throughout the centre so that we can make sure you stay hydrated
  • Use the bathroom first if you need it. You don’t want to be getting in and out of the tank like a yoyo
  • Avoid caffeine for a few hours before, it takes the edge off the zen and can prevent you getting into the meditation zone
  • Eat a light meal a few hours before, floating after a banquet or on a full stomach isn’t a good idea
  • Feel free to exercise beforehand, the relaxation is more pronounced if you are heading over from yoga, the gym or a run
  • Don’t smoke just before you float, cigarettes are a stimulant so best to avoid right before, you might find you don’t need one afterwards
  • Avoid shaving a few hours before. You can use vaseline to cover up cuts and scratches but best not to enter the salty water with freshly shaved skin
  • Leave yourself some calendar time to enjoy the experience, head to our chill-out room and enjoy a fresh cup of herbal tea afterwards, let it sink in
the welcome

Please show up 15 minutes before your float to check in, have a look at our location to make sure you are happy with the travel time. Our staff members are experienced and knowledgeable in the world of floating. We’ve hosted over 250,000 floats, and want you to feel right at home while you’re here. Make sure you check the pre-float guidelines, but don’t worry we will remind you of them when you arrive.

in your float room

You get your own room complete with a high quality shower, please shower pre- and post-float. We provide towels, ear plugs, clothing hooks, SLS free organic toiletries and a lockable door in the room. This is your space to enter or exit the i-sopod float tank as you like. Our vanity room is complete with Hollywood mirrors, hairdryers and hair straighteners.

the best pods in the world

Our float pods are huge meaning you don’t feel claustrophobic. They are the most hygienic floatation tanks in the world. Our processes and people are focused on keeping it that way! The i-sopod has a pressurised, 24-hour filtration system ensuring total filtration between floats. The tank water is fully-filtered 4 times between each float, passing through a 1-micron filter.

floating time

You will enjoy a full 60 minute float in your own private float room with the spacious state-of-the-art i-sopod. Please allow an additional 15 minutes for pre and post-float showers. This time will seem to pass very quickly once in the pod as your mind and body float away. The float ends as it begins with soft music and gentle coloured lights shimmering off the ceiling of the tank.

tips for floating

Lie back into the water, try not to touch your eyes as it is epsom salt water, let your head totally relax, the water will support it. Focus gently on your breath, perhaps even count the breaths for a while. You can position your arms above or below your head, whatever feels best. It can take a while to let go, sometimes muscles ache as they relax, all totally normal so just relax.

relax post-float

Plan some extra time to visit our chill-out room before or after your float. Read a book, take some time to process your thoughts, and enjoy a cup of tea. Chat with other guests in the lounge or curl up by yourself and just let the float sink in. Or if you need to, sit and answer a few emails with a fresh perspective on life. We guarantee whatever was stressful pre-float doesn’t seem quite so afterwards.