Disabled Customer Policy

As a team at Floatworks, we strive to provide the best possible experience for all of our guests, we do this through carefully building our centres and continually training our team. 

We use float pods at Floatworks. The nature of floating in a float pod requires that an individual is alone in a float pod with the lid closed in their own room. 

As a service provider, we are always conscious of legal obligations under equality legislation. We aim not to just be compliant with our legal obligations, but to be able to deliver an outstanding experience which meets and, where possible, exceeds the statutory requirements placed on us. As part of that commitment we seek to ensure that disabled people are treated no less favourably than others and make reasonable adjustments where appropriate.

At the same time we are focused on ensuring that we do not put any customer in a dangerous situation and therefore we ask that the following conditions are met:

  • you have spoken to your doctor
  • you are comfortable spending 1 hour alone, floating in 12” water
  • you are able to get dressed and undressed alone
  • you are able to open the float pod lid alone
  • you are able to climb into the pod alone
  • you are able to close the float pod lid whilst inside
  • you are able to climb out of the pod without assistance
  • you are able to press the emergency call button from the inside and outside of the pod
  • you can shower alone standing up, including entering and exiting the shower

To get in the float pod you need to be able to step over the pod ledge (approx 2ft). There are no railings to hold and the floor of the pod can be slippery. We do not have the facilities for carers or staff to provide assistance so you must be capable alone.

If you have any doubts then please ask to speak to our Community Manager who will assess any precautions and measures we need to take to ensure safe and happy floating. We can’t guarantee that every person who comes to Floatworks will be allowed to float.