Say hello to the new floatworks

Today we unveil our new identity, and want to share the thinking behind it with you

We have a beautiful new logo

We chose a font that’s friendly, clean and modern, and combined this with a new symbol. The symbol was created using principles of sacred geometry and ratios found in nature. There are many ways it could be interpreted, but for us it depicts the floating experience:

Human Being
Human Being
Float Pod
Float Pod
Expansion and Growth
Growth and Expansion

Logo Grid

The new Floatworks symbol was created using principles of sacred geomety and ratios extracted from nature known as the golden ratio.

Indigo is our new primary colour

We felt it conveys the magic of floating and the depths of consciousness we can explore when we float. We also chose a vibrant green to represent the outcome of floating: growth, fresh perspectives, and expansion!

Benefits Symbols

We developed themes and symbols to show the main reasons why people float with us:

Stress relief and relaxation

Stress relief
and relaxation

Improved sleep



and meditation

Consciousness exploration


Through the lens

Lastly, we developed a new photographic style that we think captures the serenity of the float experience, and the post-float afterglow.

Person floating Person floating Person floating Person floating