June Update: latest news on Angel opening and more

12 June 2019, by Floatworks
June Update: latest news on Angel opening and more

We’re so thrilled with the engagement of the Floatworks community and the number of queries we’re receiving regarding the opening of Angel and all manner of other Floatworks-related things.

Angel Build and Opening
Our build team are hard at work at the new site (23 Essex Road, N1 2SA for those that have been asking), and things are progressing well.

The latest target opening date is 15th July, which is a 2-week delay on the initial plan, the result of a delay in the delivery of our new air conditioning system.

Follow our journey with our ‘How to Open a Float Centre’ video series.

Opening Schedule
We plan to run a 1-2 week ‘soft launch’ where we will invite friends of Floatworks and Members to come and float to help us test every inch of the new centre and give us feedback.

We will then hold an ‘open house’ day, inviting the public to come and have a look around, with no floating on this day. We will open as normal the following day.

When we can commit to dates with certainty (around beginning on July) then we will start to open up our advanced bookings for Angel.

Vauxhall Refurbishment
We’re now planning a refurbishment of the existing site at Vauxhall for this Autumn to make sure it will look, feel and operate to the same level as the new site in Angel. Plans will be communicated in the next few weeks and we’re doing all we can to minimise disruption to people’s floating routines.

Angel Opening Offers
From 19th June we will be offering Angel ‘Founder Memberships’, 50% off the first two months payments. Memberships will be active from the Angel opening date and can be used across both locations. There will be a limited number available and they will initially be offered to our mailing list. If you’re not already on it, enter the competition below to be automatically added.

Competition Update
We’re delighted to have received over 5,000 entries to our 100 Float competition.

We’re still looking for amazing individuals to join our teams (Vauxhall and Angel). If you’re ambitious and have a keen interest in helping people then head over here to read more and apply.