Floatworks recommends: Six books to live a more balanced, happier life

30 July 2017, by The Floatworks
Floatworks recommends: Six books to live a more balanced, happier life

When you’re looking for literature on wellness, self-improvement and similar subjects, the choice can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you know a book is going to give you some lasting value? Is it just another quick-fix self-help book to make someone a nice wedge? With entire sections dedicated to living well in bookshops and libraries, we’ve cherry picked a few of our favourites to make your quest for knowledge that little bit easier.

The Power Of Now
AUTHOR: Eckhart Tolle
Combined with its subtitle – A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment – Mr Tolle really does exactly what he says on the tin. Written in the late ‘90s as a guide for living stress-free day-to-day, and championing the one key backbone of mindfulness – to live in the present moment and avoid thoughts of the past or future for happiness and contentment – it draws on a range of ancient traditions, religions and belief systems to contextualise Tolle’s assertion that our anxieties are created by our own thoughts and are entirely preventable. Annie Lennox included it in her Desert Island Discs and Oprah Winfrey’s a huge champion of the book – after recommending it in her book club it received a huge surge in popularity – so pick this one up, and you’re in good company.

READ IT WHEN: You want to tame your thoughts and anxieties of the past and future, and immerse yourself fully in the present.

The Way Of The Zen
AUTHOR: Alan Watts
The Way Of The Zen is a pivotal book in the spread of Western interest in Zen Buddhism and Taoism, and the general rise of a New Age thinking in the US, Europe and other Western countries that parallels Eastern mysticism. In it, Watts gives an incredibly concise introduction to Buddhism and Eastern ways of thinking, written in a language that’s both eloquent and understandable. Aside from writing over 100 books ranging in flavour from philosophy of religions to higher consciousness and the ethics of mankind, Watts was a fantastic public speaker, and you can listen to a fair amount of his lectures on YouTube.

There’s also THIS Spotify mix if you fancy diving further down the rabbit hole. He has a delivery and vocal tone that seems to fit perfectly with anything…

READ IT WHEN: You want to expand your knowledge on the history of Eastern philosophies and ways of thinking.

Everything That Remains: A Memoir By The Minimalists
AUTHORS: Joshua Fields Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus
The Minimalists – Ohio natives and old school friends Milburn and Nicodemus – are on a two-man mission to help us all live simpler lives with way less stuff. The duo first discovered the minimalist lifestyle a decade ago, and thanks to their hefty catalogue of essays on the topic, hugely successful public speaking tours, a Netflix documentary and yes, their charm, they’re credited with helping spread a minimalist lifestyle to a whole generation of people across the globe; a generation fed up of chasing money, wealth and ideals while in constant misery, who see the benefits of living a simpler, more connected and social life as the path to happiness. A Memoir is Nicodemus’ own story of his journey into Minimalism, with quirky endnotes by his hilarious partner peppered throughout its 250-odd pages. It’s an easy read and often hilarious, and makes the idea of living a simpler life a truly enticing and attainable prospect.

READ IT WHEN: Your life is cluttered – physically, emotionally, digitally.

Tools Of The Titans
AUTHOR: Timothy Ferris
Don’t be put off by its size – at 704 pages, Ferris’ guide to The Tactics, Routines, and Habits Of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers is a hefty doorstop of a book – this is a hugely engrossing read. Comprising interviews with over 200 people at the very top of their field – from Jamie Foxx and Arnold Schwarzenegger to US covert commanders, biochemists and everyone in between – Ferris has set out on a mission to get the best advice from the best people to help you become the very best you can be. Each guest was interviewed for upwards of two hours, many for the very first time, but Tools Of The Titans delivers all their life tips, mantras and ideas in a superbly curated series of bitesize chunks. If you want to get up, get out there, and get living as the very best version of you that can be conceived, read this book.

READ IT WHEN: You want to be the very best you can be

The Alchemist
AUTHOR: Paolo Coehlo
A work of fiction, maybe, but Coehlo’s multi-million selling tale of a young shepherd on a journey to Egypt following what he considered a prophetic dream to find hidden treasure amongst the pyramids, has often been considered a metaphor for living an honest and balanced life. Curiously, it was never really marketed; the small publishing house that originally translated it from Portuguese attests its success has always been to its powerful messages that have only spread through word of mouth. Coehlo’s official website lists an outline of these lessons, but if you’re yet to read it, you can consider that a big old list of spoilers…!

READ IT WHEN: You’re looking for guidance on how to live a better life in all aspects.

The Book Of Floating: Exploring The Private Sea
AUTHOR: Michael Hutchison
We’d be doing ourselves and the whole floating community a disservice if we overlooked this one! The Book Of Floating is the quintessential guide to the floatation tank, exploring the wealth of science and research that’s been undertaken on what floating can do for the mind and the body, combined with a guide to get the very best out of your floating sessions. Even the inventor of the float tank, Mr John C Lilly, called it “a superb book for initiates into the tank”. You can’t beat that endorsement!

READ IT WHEN: You want to really dive into the world of floating, and better understand your experiences in the tank when you visit us!

Have you read any of the books we recommended above? We’d love to hear your thoughts… and suggestions for what to add in the next instalment! Tweet us or comment on Facebook what’s on your reading list.