6 reasons floating makes the perfect Christmas gift

06 December 2016, by Floatworks
6 reasons floating makes the perfect Christmas gift

With about a month to go ‘til Christmas, it’s time to get ahead on the present planning. But where do you even start? And do you really want to brave those endless holiday crowds? No thanks. Here’s why we think you should avoid all that stress and pick up a floating gift card for someone special instead.

A float can be the perfect way to kickstart the New Year…
New year, new you, that’s what we always say, isn’t it? Whether it’s the January gym membership, the new diet or quitting a pesky habit, we know that most of the time, those New Year’s resolutions never last. Show someone what a float could do, though, and things could be different: you’re introducing them to a whole new world of experiences. And if they get hooked like the rest of us floaters, then you’ve helped them form a positive habit to start 2017 on the right foot!

…and draw a line under the holiday guilt, too!
Face it: we all feel guilty for overindulging at Christmas. Some years it seems like December is one month-long festival of office parties and family gatherings and… wait, is that ANOTHER box of Christmas cakes by the coffee machine? Be right back…

Where were we? Ah, yes. Festive guilt… If you let someone draw a line under their festive season with a float, they’re saying to themselves: “Right, it’s time to take care of myself”. And with that mentality, they’ll be back to their year-round prime before you can say “i-Sopod”!

It shows someone you’re thinking of them.
If you know someone who’s had a particularly difficult 2016, giving the gift of floating could be a great way to change their mindset about the year ahead. Floating is an incredibly personal experience, and to offer it as lifejacket to someone who’s struggling with work stress, a grievance, or recurring physical pain shows that you want to help them overcome their emotional and physical hurdles.

It’s more than just a thing. It’s an experience.
Chocolates get eaten, toys get broken, and those fancy toiletries eventually run out. The problem with most Christmas gifts is they have a shelf-life, and once they’re consumed, the thought that went into them is forgotten. But nobody forgets their first float! Oh… and remember, you don’t have to use it straight away. Our floating gift cards last for up to a year, so the lucky recipient can use it whenever they please in the year ahead.

It’s a gift for anyone.
Mum, Dad, Grandma, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, best mate or neighbour; the sheer variety of benefits a dip in the float tank can give you makes it a great gift for any of the loved ones in your life. There is, of course, no age limit and our i-sopod pods don’t discriminate; floating is for everyone. The thing we love the most at Floatworks is seeing the sheer variety of people that come through our doors, and hearing the stories of how they came across floating. You’d be surprised how many come in via personal recommendation alone.

You can be creative with how you give it.
Because you’re giving an experience, and don’t have much more to wrap up than a gift card, you can get creative with how you package up a Christmas float. Pop it inside a makeshift cracker, or pair it up with some Epsom salts and aromatherapy oils so the receiver can enjoy a special dip in the home tub, too. And if you do push the boat out with the scissors and glitter, be sure to tweet us about your handiwork!

Take the hassle out of Christmas shopping this year, and pick up a floating gift card for someone special in your life. We have some great festive offers on one, three and five float gift cards. And remember – they can be shared, so you could even get the whole family floating!