Upcoming pricing changes

18 May 2019

Find out more about why we’re changing our prices and how to get the best value floats

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Would you like to join the Floatworks team?

29 April 2019

We’re expanding and are looking for great people to join our team, with the ambition to progress as part of a rapidly growing health and wellness business

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I can finally talk about the big news

13 April 2019

Discussing our 2nd float centre, coming in June, and the patience required to get here…

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The huge, amazing, incredible, mind-blowing Floatworks giveaway

11 April 2019

If you haven’t seen our 100 float giveaway yet, where have you been?

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Floatworks to open biggest UK float centre

02 April 2019

The new Floatworks site on Essex Road in Angel will be the largest dedicated float centre in the UK with six i-sopod floatation tanks…

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Invitation to participate in scientific research

14 March 2019

Here’s an opportunity for you to take part in floating research

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Waving goodbye to 2018

28 January 2019

With a little tear, and plenty of excitement…

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Exploring gratitude in the float pod

18 June 2018

…and why the very act of gratefulness can improve your mental wellbeing.

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New Habits: Journaling

18 June 2018

How putting pen to paper can help tame a wild mind.

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Your Guide To Meditation And The Float Pod, With Niraj Shah

23 February 2018

The founder of Meditation: Unlocked tells us his story, and how floating goes hand-in-hand with a healthy meditation practice…

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