Invitation to participate in scientific research

14 March 2019

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Waving Goodbye to 2018

28 January 2019

With a little tear, and plenty of excitement…

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Exploring gratitude in the float pod

18 June 2018

…and why the very act of gratefulness can improve your mental wellbeing.

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New Habits: Journaling

18 June 2018

How putting pen to paper can help tame a wild mind.

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Your Guide To Meditation And The Float Pod, With Niraj Shah

23 February 2018

The founder of Meditation: Unlocked tells us his story, and how floating goes hand-in-hand with a healthy meditation practice…

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100 Floats... and Counting…

15 February 2018

A centenary of floats? We speak to one Floatworks regular Julia Oakley, who has reached that all-important milestone…

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Learning to accept nothingness

22 December 2017

Can experiencing true silence cause us to have a very real conscious experience? Can we manipulate emotions through sound? We speak to Áron Máthé, who is on a mission to find out….

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A tale of floating and bodybuilding

18 December 2017

Personal trainer and bikini fitness bodybuilder Kasia Romanowicz shares how floating helps her prepare for international competitions…

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13 inspiring quotes to help you overcome anxiety

15 December 2017

When your mind races to the worst, you need to remind yourself of your worth. As that’s not always the easiest thing to do, let us help…

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Can’t stand being alone with your thoughts? Here’s how floating can help…

14 December 2017

Thoughts: for better or worse, we all have them. But contrary to what you may think, they can be controlled – and floating can help you do just that…

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