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Why I float: Elle Mcphun

After several years, Elle has returned to floating for a calmer mind and body.

I first tried floating around 10 years ago and loved it. I dabbled in it a couple of times after, very sporadically, simply because I wasn’t prioritising my health and well being as much as other things - like work.

But after a lifestyle change, I found my way to Floatworks and joined the crew.

What I love about floating the most, is what I affectionately refer to as ‘enforced relaxation’. I’m a very visual and aural person, so living in London is understandably frequently over-stimulating. I never realised quite how much this affected me until I started to float regularly.

The release and peace I get from no visual or sound stimulation when I float is amazing and although the feelings afterwards can be different (sometimes energised, sometimes super relaxed), there is always an all-consuming feeling of internal peace - that everything is right in the world.

Now I have more perspective and as I float more often, I find I can recognise the signs of tension and stress in my body - I can definitely feel when I haven’t floated for a while.

So I float for relaxation, the release of tension and the sense of inner calm and peace it brings.

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08 September 2021

Forest of Floatworks